Concrete Driveway Solutions

Moremac Constructions designs the structural frame of the concrete driveways, in order for it to perform well in different aspects. We have ensured that the quality of the concrete that are used for concrete driveways is up to a high standards.

Not only that, by utilising concrete during the creation of your driveway, your concrete driveway will be resistant towards vibrations, as concrete structures have more mass compared to other materials, therefore, it will be less prone to football-induced vibration.

Moremac recommends using concrete driveways due to their robust property and it will give you the peace of mind thta you need, as it is reliable and durable, and it can withstand the wear and tear from normal usage with minimal or no damage at all! Concrete structures have ‘Inherent Fire Resistance’, which means it does not require fire protection! This removes cost, time and no maintenance costs!


Coloured Concrete

 There are two different types of coloured concrete driveways:

1. Colour in the mix – This is when an oxide either in bag or liquid form is added to the mix at the concrete plant. The advantage of having an oxide added through the mix is that you will get consistent colour in the concrete. Therefore if the concrete chips during its life it will be less obvious.

2. Colour on top – This is where the oxide colour is added on top of the concrete and troweled into the surface.

The colour is only on the surface of the concrete and unlike colour through the mix is not consistent below the surface.

Tests have proven that this method can actually increases the strength of the concretes surface. It is also the more cost effective way of adding a colour to your area.


Stencil Concrete Driveway

Stencil concrete is when a brick, cobble or crazy paving pattern is laid on top of the poured concrete.
Colour is then added on top & troweled into the surface.

Once the concrete is firm a second coating called a scratch coat is spread on top and roughly troweled to give a textured finish.
The stencil is then removed. The following day it is saw cut, washed and sealed leaving you with an area that will look fantastic.


Exposed Aggregate Concrete Driveway

Exposed aggregate concrete is concrete that is poured and troweled – a chemical is then applied that retards the surface allowing us to reveal the aggregate sand and colour if added.

Concrete is then saw cut washed and sealed, exposed aggregate can come in many different colours and styles, and will leave your paved area looking wonderful for years!


Slate Impression Concrete Driveway

This style of domestic concrete is just as the name suggests; concrete that is coloured and stamped with rubber mats to give a ‘slate impression’

The process is started as the concrete is being poured, colour is added and troweled on top of the concrete then a secondary colour can be added to give a variety of colours.

Once the concrete is firm a release agent is spread on top of the concrete and stamping the impression begins, the release agent prevents the concrete from sticking to the rubber mats and adds to the final appearance.

Once the impression is completed it is left to cure (generally a day later) then the remaining agent is washed off. The concrete is then saw cut and washed again then sealed once dry. Slate impression will leave a great looking area but please bear in mind that slate can be slippery when wet; a non-slip sealer can be applied but may not always prevent slipping.

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