Design your concrete with these stylish concrete finishes

Select your concrete finish to make a bold statement, match interior and exterior design, and enjoy a stylish look without the maintenance


Exposed Aggregate & Pebble Concrete

The exposed aggregate finish can be designed to reveal natural textures including stones and pebbles, silicate and shells. The aggregate can also be crushed stones and include colour. In addition to concrete flooring, exposed aggregate can be applied to decorate retaining walls, garden designs, architectural buildings and sound-proofing walls.

Exposed aggregate, sometimes known as “pebble concrete“, is very durable, skid resistant, requires little maintenance and can be designed to achieve a very decorative look.


Coloured Concrete

Achieve stone, wood, brick and tile-like effects with your choice of colour and stencil pattern for a natural look, or add bright colours for a burst of liveliness to match interior or exterior decoration. You choose between full, strong concrete colour and soft, blended concrete colour.

For rich, consistent colouring and longevity, we add your colour of choice to the concrete mix prior to pouring. By mixing the colour into the concrete, any chips or scratches will continue to show through the pigment, without showing a different colour. We can also apply shake-on colour to the new or existing concrete, where your choice of colour is “shaken over” the top of fresh concrete. Coloured concrete is popularly coupled with stencilled or stamped concrete driveways and interior flooring.


Slate Impression & Slate Concrete

Achieve a slate, cobblestone, tile, paver, timber, or brick look with (coloured concrete) and a stamped concrete pattern tool. After the concrete is coloured (mix or dry shake) and poured, we start stamping the stamp into the surface of the setting concrete for your desired look.

Our expertise allows us to account for the sun, wind and shade that can otherwise make concrete stamping quite challenging. We also ensure a continuous, tessellating pattern. Concreting near a pool? We can broom the surface or apply a non-slip sealer to help achieve a non-slip finish.