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There are two main styles of garage slabs Infill Slab and Slab On Ground.

Your options will be dependent on the Builder or Shed company requirements/regulations.

Infill Slabs are when concrete is poured in-between existing wall (usually bricks that have been laid on footing), in some cases shed companies will prefer to erect the shed first then have the concrete poured. Where this is the case Moremac Constructions will apply a tar to the bottom of the shed to prevent the concrete from corroding the wall sheeting.

Slab On Ground is when a concrete slab is poured before construction of the garage, the slab will usually incorporate .200mm x .200mm edge beam around the perimeter. In some cases they may also require bored piers or pad footings to be poured at the same time depending on soil condition and engineering.

Finishes on floor is smooth and can either have saw cut or tooled control joints.

To protect the surface from oil and staining Moremac Constructions can also apply a sealer to the finished surface.


All concrete cracks! This is usually due to movement of the concrete ie: Shrinkage & Expansion of the concrete. The idea is to try and control where it is going to crack and this is done in a number of ways.

• Tooled Control Joint: Is when we place a tooled lines in by hand every 3 meters max for a driveway & approximately 1.5 meters in paths. This style of control joint can be found in council footpaths and crossings.

• Sawcut Control Joint: This is when the control joint is cut into the concrete usually depending on the temperature any between 12 – 24 hours after finish of concrete.

• Key Control Joint: Is a pressed metal that is placed in to the concrete during the pour which then crates a separation in the concrete, while affective for creating a control joint it is not always the best option as the reinforcement steel will no longer be continues through the concrete allowing for separation in the concrete to open.

Depending on what style of driveway and or pathways would determine what type of control joint would suit best.

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